Publishing Policy

XMPL does follow a set of rules and guidelines before publishing articles. In spirit of protecting the culture surrounding XMPL / XMPL Magazine, we try to ensure that every article fits our criteria before going live. Every article is reviewed at least twice by our team before being published. Part of these reviews includes fact-checking through other reliables sources, official press statements and official social media pages to ensure accuracy and reliability.

XMPL / XMPL Magazine / XMPL.CA is an independent publication and its articles are not influenced by any advertisers or partners. Exceptions are labeled as “XMPL PR” which are written and edited in cooperation with our distribution partners/sponsors. These articles are still required to through our complete editorial review process before being published. When it comes to sponsored articles, we always keep the reader in mind and attempt to avoid any biased or skewed statements. These types of sponsored articles are mainly press releases in relation/adds value to our culture (music, art, entertainment, Canadian/North American popular culture).

  • XMPL respects the rights of authors, artists and photographers. We would not publish any links to illegal sources that reproduces the work of others.
  • We don’t influence the opinions or views of ours authors or contributors.
  • We do not have any hidden advertisements on our website or articles. All advertisements will be marked as such.
  • We currently do not participate in any affiliate marketing.
  • Links in our articles are not for sale.
  • At this time, editing, writing and contributing to XMPL is volunteered and un-paid.
  • Articles published on XMPL may also appear on Google News and Apple News, with all authors/writers appropriately credited. Some articles may also appear in physical versions of our magazine.
  • Some writer/editor names may be displayed on XMPL as their social media username. For example, instead of being listed as John Smith, author may opt to be listed as their username, i.e @johnsmith.

Last edited: February 25, 2021