EP Review – ‘Alt Therapy Session 1: Disillusion’ by Emanuel

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‘Alt Therapy Session 1: Disillusion’ by Emanuel – 4/5

It’s artists like Canadian singer Emanuel from London, Ontario that has me thinking “How can people from Canada ever deny that there’s any real talent here?” We don’t need to keep looking on the outside for new and moving music. We don’t even need to wait for artists like Drake or The Weeknd to co-sign them either until we decide to give them a listen. This mindset in Canadian culture has always been a little strange to me, but with new artists emerging and taking over the radar – I’m starting to believe that this could change in the coming years, maybe even sooner. As each generation of artists of different genres take their turn, its now the moment for Emanuel to make his entrance.

As times seemed dim at the start of quarantine, a new light began to shine and take form – giving us a gleam of hope through his debut EP ‘Alt Therapy Session 1: Disillusion‘ – Emanuel did not let the pandemic disrupt his introduction – as he found himself making waves after releasing his EP on Juneteenth – and gaining much attention from his new release, even receiving support from actor and producer Idris Elba as he began campaigning #NeedYou2020 on social media for a warm compilation video using the first single, ‘Need You.’

Following his addition to being named Apple Music’s “Beats Artist Of The Week,” as well as other prominent features from Amazon Music and Soundcloud – Emanuel was named Spotify’s first Canada-based RADAR artist as the platform expanded their program into Canada and other countries. With ‘Session 1: Disillusion’ said to be one of the first releases this year, we’re very much looking forward to hearing what more the Canadian talent has to offer.


Opening the EP, we’re welcomed with the first track and single ‘Need You.’ The smooth piano paired with Emanuel’s strong vocals makes you want to turn up the volume and fully experience the ride that is Alt Therapy. Beautifully concluding the song with a piano solo, ‘Need You’ gets us set for the next track.

‘Thought It’d Be Easy’ is a track rich with powerful licks, a song describing passion and broken love, disguised as a delightful R&B track. But listening in, Emanuel tells the tale of Alt Therapy, the story of trying to move on through meaningless sex and in search for that intimate relationship.

‘Addiction’ takes on another alternative version of therapy – drugs. “I’m so high, I don’t wanna come down.” Lyrics describing the use and coping of substance abuse. The track takes a different approach in beat, but Emanuel still rocks the melody for an overall dope third track.

Closing out Session 1 – Need You is given the remixed treatment with the assist of guitar and percussions. ‘Need You Remix’ gives us a great option for when we’re feeling like vibing out just a bit little more. Alt Therapy Session 1: Disillusion earns itself a 4/5.

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