‘Bad Boys For Life’ (TRAILER)

Take A First Look At The ‘Bad Boys For Life Trailer’

We finally get to see Will Smith & Martin Lawrence reunite on their 3rd movie in the Bad Boys series. ‘Bad Boys For Life’ will be the last movie of the 3, and offers a farewell to a series we grew up loving. With the same amount of cars, copters, explosions and a fist full of action, we are sitting at the edge of our seats for this movie to release. Coming out in 2020, these two bad ass Miami agents will be joined with what looks like to be a team consisting of Vanessa Hudgens, Charles Menton & Alexander Ludwig.

From the look of the trailer their team still has the day to day humor we love, and it looks like their new members feed off that chemistry. With Murcus contemplating retiring Mike convinces him to stay for one last ride.

Hoping this ends on a high note, I can’t wait to see what other trailers pop up in the near future!