Big Mouth: Season 3 Trailer

Big Mouth Is Coming Back To Netflix This Fall With Season 3

The show that caught us off guard with it’s uncomfortable humor and boundless comedy. Big Mouth has so many wrong things going on in it, but it is absolutely one of the best shows of our time. Returning to Netflix for their third season on October 4, 2019, fans can get excited to binge watch yet another season of this comedic jewel.

Through the trailer you can see that there are a lot more provocative and unexpected topics will be ventured into. The biggest surprise was the cast of Queer Eye, being a crossover on this show. There will be many new characters including some new Hormone Monsters! The quick glimpse the trailer granted us is the mightiest cliff hanger and smoke screen.

We know we want the show to be on but we have no clue where the story line will go to next!