Canadian Food Truck Festivals – Toronto

Canadas Favorite Food Truck Festival Will Be Back In TO This Summer

Most of us have experienced some of our favorite dishes from a food truck or street cart. Good news for all lovers of street cuisine, the Canadian Food Truck Festival will be in Toronto this summer. A four-day event will be taking place between August 2nd-5th at Woodbine Park.

This event will feature many food trucks with unique tastes and a delicious variety. There will be vegan, halal, vegetarian and gluten-free options, ensuring there is something to enjoy for all. You will get to enjoy your delicacies while seeing a variety of different art performances and there are even enjoy some eating competitions to participate in. The park is a 28-acre nature lover’s destination with a pond, a boardwalk through long grass and bulrushes, as well as a diverse range of wildlife, but the park also offers outdoor leisure with soccer, a jungle gym and much more.

This event will be free for admission and the vendors will accept debit/credit. If the Toronto festival is out of your way, you can also catch the festival in Richmond Hill, Brampton, Pickering & Burlington.

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