The Border City – We Are Youth

Fiyin Folami, Marvin Okoko

Showing us the power of youth, this fashion brand motivates it’s own lifestyle to those who let their style roam the concrete jungles. We Are Youth is a brand that offers a unique culture with it’s simplistic designs that push the limits of creativity.

Starting off in a border city next to two giants, this brand was able to make noise with their unisex clothing. Lead by 3 young entrepreneurs, this brand’s integrity has been welcomed by their customers and fans. With their WAY logo and wave symbol being recognized on a larger scale day by day, the brand also shows their evolution through their new releases and collaborations.

WAY has done a great job involving themselves in the music scene of the city, showing artists like 4Twnty love and support, this brand has become a staple in this town. However their growth doesn’t stop there. Their latest wave of canvas dad hats, really showed a different approach to the brands colour pallet. Displaying new colours that are more neutral they tapped a new market and now are blooming in a bright light in the rose.

XMPL has worked with this brand in the past and have slowly watched their growth, finally having the opportunity to chat with them, one of the owners gave us a run down of what ignited this movement and hints the future steps the brand will be taking. With more brilliant ideas and innovative designs this brand is set to ring bells in Ontario before capturing the hearts of the rest of Canada. 

XMPL: Can you describe how WAY started and the meaning behind the name?

WAY started off as an idea of a lifestyle and motivational apparel brand to inspire people to continue pursuing their goals and dreams.

The meaning of “WAY” means “We Are Youth”. The name was chosen to relate to the meaning of the brand. Growing up as youth there are many things that we aspire to achieve but stop because of the restraints of certain realities. We Are Youth aims to set out a lifestyle that finds our inner youth by helping us to believe we can find a WAY to achieve anything.

What would you say WAY represents as a brand and who is it open to?

As a brand “WAY” represents hard work , dedication, and confidence, and is open to anyone looking to live a lifestyle as such.

What would you say WAY offers to fashion that is unique to the brand?

WAY offers a different type of vibe to fashion with a message of hard work but also the self confidence and awareness to know you can achieve anything in life. Simplistic but meaningful is an idea we strive for.

As young entrepreneurs what would you say was the most difficult step in this journey?

The most difficult step in this journey as young entrepreneurs would have to be consistency. As young entrepreneurs pursuing education and employment, we are still trying to find our way in life while still trying to pursue a clothing brand.

What are some things that influence you during the creative process of designing your own merch?

During the creativity  process our designs are usually based off concepts that come from influences of the culture or simplistic designs that appeal to us.

Dealing with unisex clothing, what are some things you have to evaluate before taking a design into the production stage?

Dealing with unisex clothing we often take into consideration the target market we are looking to impact most with each and every clothing launch. The quality, and style of the product  is the main thing we focus on before we finalize and take our design into the final production stage.

What are somethings we can expect from WAY in 2020?

In 2020 you can expect a whole lot more variety of clothing with simplistic and unique designs, but most definitely consistency. #WAY

Photos by: Sneaker Buddha

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