Find Your Way With New ‘We Are Youth: CLRS Collection’

We Are Youth team wearing WAY CLRS

Taking on a colourful new approach to their clothing for the summer, the Border City lifestyle brand We Are Youth released their new CLRS collection on July 31 – showing off an array of vibrant t-shirts and a dope new vest added to their collection.

Pairing the collection with a complimenting colour scheme, We Are Youth really takes on the CLRS name with this release. Teaming with rapper J Bish and director Dre Familia, WAY show off their new collection with sick new visuals.

“It’s about reaching back into the days of your youth when you had the highest ambitions to achieve anything in life. Sometimes you may not achieve the goals you once had set out. But failed dreams should never discourage you to move on and try something different in life. It’s about taking that same curiosity and drive you had as a youth and applying it to anything in life… that’s when you find your WAY.” We Are Youth took to their Twitter, sharing some insight on “finding your WAY” and keeping that same inspiration from our own youth.

We Are Youth CLRS is now available at

Photos by: Sneaker Buddha

CLRS White, CLRS Yellow, FIND YOUR WAY Lifestyle Hat
CLRS Black
CLRS Black and WAY Vest
WAY Vest
We Are Youth
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