“I’m A Popstar” – Series Three

Concluding our three-part series for this issue of XMPL Magazine, we’re taking it poolside to end off summer 2020. Whether you stayed indoors to quarantine, or took advantage of the summer heat – we hope that everyone continues to stay safe as we move forward to the Fall season.

As we’re going into Fall, this will give everyone a reason to start really dressing and showing off those layers. One who would especially appreciate this upcoming fashion season is stylist Teodora Cvetkovic – who worked with us for this series. We also got the chance to catch up with Teo on her work as a stylist and love for fashion. Read the interview below.

Photography: Sneaker Buddha

Hair: Megan Ellis, Braids.Blowouts.Styles

Style: Teodora Cvetkovic

Models: Vanessa Fazio, Melaina Bester, Megan Ellis and Teodora Cvetkovic

Swimwear: VF Swim

Models wearing: VF Swim

What first got you interested in fashion?

Teodora: I’ve been interested in fashion since day one. I got most of my fashion inspo from late 90’s/early 2000’s music videos, red carpets and TV shows. When it came to music videos, Missy Elliott was the best for me. The legendary tracksuits. Destiny’s Child’s red carpet looks were on a whole other level at the time. Friends and Fresh Prince were huge style inspirations as a kid too. Every character from those two shows had such unique styles.

Who are your current fashion/style influences?

I was always obsessed with Princess Diana’s street style. The cycling shorts and oversized sweatshirts! Hailey Bieber nowadays though, I feel like she’s the modern day princess Diana with her “model off duty” looks. Super comfy yet still chic.

Models wearing: VF Swim

What are some of your favourite fashion brands/boutiques?
I usually lean towards vintage fashion, so I don’t necessarily buy from certain brands or stores. I buy what I like and what looks good. I love jogger sets. I try buying more vintage things/used things nowadays because it’s better for the environment. I LOVE Depop as an online resell shop, and ASOS marketplace.

Models wearing: VF Swim

Lately, has there been any model or celeb that you feel has been exceeding in the style department?

Definitely going back to Hailey Bieber again. Her style is so cool, and most of her outfits can be worn anywhere. Bella Hadid’s street style lately has been top tier. It’s very 90’s/early 2000’s inspired, which is my favourite era of fashion.

If you could style anyone for an event or shoot, who would you pick?

This is a hard one. I have so many people in mind that I’d want to style. For a woman, I’d probably go with Rihanna. She could wear anything and it would look unreal. For a man, honestly someone like Steph Curry. He needs to step his pregame fits up and I’d like to assist. I always get so excited for NBA pregame fits, especially Serge Ibaka because he KILLS it every time, but Steph Curry always lets me down! I feel like he’d look good in anything too.

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