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World-renowned trance duo Aly & Fila have been elevating the standards of trance music for the last two decades and continues to transmit the emotion of euphoria in their music. Based out of Egypt, they made the move to Germany in the early stages of their career, eventually bringing music we all know and love to the dance floor.

Releasing music under an abundance of labels such as Euphonic, Offshore Music, Electra and many more, the duo truly stamped their arrival with the release of their first studio album, Rising Sun, under juggernaut electronic music label Armada Music. Aly & Fila continued releasing three more albums with Armada before dropping their 2017’s Beyond The Lights on their own label, Future Sound of Egypt.

Since their come up, the tandem received an enormous amount of airplay from DJs like Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto and many more. Inspired by DJs like The Thrillseekers and Chicane, the two found themselves with their own timeless tracks to comprise a breath-taking catalogue. Tracks like ‘We Control The Sunlight’ and ‘Quiet Storm’ have found their way on the Armada collective list, transcending into a monumental representation of trance and it’s progression.

Aly & Fila – Beyond The Lights (Extended Mix):


From collaborating on tracks, to sharing the stage with legendary names like Ferry Corsten, Solar Stone, Giuseppe Ottaviani – Aly & Fila created their own platform with their radio show The Future Sound of Egypt. Highlighting up and coming talents in the world of trance, Aly & Fila will also be hosting their own stage at Tomorrowland with a variety of different acts.

XMPL had the chance to talk to Aly & Fila on performing around the world, the trance scene and much more. Listen to We Control The Sunlight and read the full exclusive interview with Aly & Fila below:

XMPL: Being one of the most influential trance duos, can you tell us how this legacy started?
Aly & Fila: We were both friends since kindergarten and grew up having the same interest in trance music. Paul Van Dyk was one of early inspirations in the late 90s, and in the early 2000’s – we decided we want to have a go at making music. 

Being a staple of Egypt, how would you guys describe the trance scene in Egypt and how much it’s grown over the years?
Egypt has always had a healthy music scene. We would like to think we have helped it grow trance wise over the years, hosting various events in Egypt and signing Egyptian acts to our record label ‘Future Sound of Egypt’.

Your music has allowed you to see the world and spin along side many world renown DJ’s. Which places and sets created memories that stand out till this day? 
Argentina has always held a special place in our heart as has many other countries. Playing in front of the pyramids for our Future Sound of Egypt events was really surreal. 

You’ve seen Canada many times from the Guv days to your upcoming show at Escapade. How would you tell us your experiences in Canada?
Canada has such an energetic crowd, we have had so many amazing times in Canada and are really looking forward to coming back in June.

You also have sets at EDC Mexico and Beyond Wonderland, but how would you differentiate the style of spinning at big festival compared to a club?
There is a big difference, as in a club we tend to play longer sets, around 3-8 hours, where as in a festival normally 1-1.5 hour sets, both are very different but we love both.

Tracks like  ‘You & I’, ‘Mysteries Unfold’, ‘Listening’ and many others, carry a very unique euphoria. What do you guys target when you create these amazing vocal tracks?
To bring smiles to people’s faces!

‘Lost Language’ & ‘We Control The Sunlight’ have become timeless pillars in the world of trance. Can you walk us through the meaning of those tracks and the journey of creating them?
‘Lost Language’ was one of our earliest anthems, many of the pioneers of trance played it in their sets, we love playing it in our sets, and the reaction is the same as it was in 2008. The impact ‘We Control The Sunlight’ surpassed any expectations, what an amazing voice Jwaydan has also. 

Your latest album ‘Beyond The Lights’ hosted a very wonderful line up with Emma Hewitt, Ferry Corsten, Haliene, Ferry Tale and many more. What was the vision behind that album, were there any stand out tracks in your eyes?
We would like to think every track on the album stand out in their own right, so many albums get released and tracks get lost on there, for us every track is equal, we are looking forward to releasing our new album in 2019 ‘Its All About The Melody.’

Your radio show ‘Future Sound Of Egypt’ is perfect to keep up to date with music and it will be hosting a stage at Tomorrowland. What does this opportunity mean for you and who are some of the guests we can expect?
Our radio show ables us to showcase all ranges of music, and our labels, Good Music is Good Music. To host our own stage at Tomorrowland is an amazing feeling, this year will be our 3rd year. Line up will be revealed soon.

2018 showed us many remixes of ‘Beyond The Lights’ and your amazing anthem ‘A World Beyond’. What kind of projects can our readers expect from you in 2019?
2019 will see a lot of new originals from us and the album, we are really looking forward to the world hearing our new music.

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