‘ASTROWORLD’ by Travis Scott

Travis Scott Finally Releases Much Anticipated Album ‘ASTROWORLD’



We have all been itching for Travis Scott to drop his new album ‘ASTROWORLD‘. The day has finally come and it was definitely worth the wait! Travis releases another vital album that will forever be remembered with his name, might even be one remembered throughout Hip-Hop history. With references to Houston and no features this album really stands out with the production, the beat line up is mind blowing. You can automatically picture an amusement park attributes from the hectic beats and the slower paced ones that remind you of waiting in line.

Though the album has no official features you can definitely recognize Stevie Wonders harmonica and Kid Cudi humming on ‘STOP TRYING TO BE GOD’. You will also recognize Drake, Pharrell and a few others as you continue to listen to the album! Travis does what Travis does best giving you catchy phrases to sing along to with subliminal meanings. 17 tracks gives you enough Travis to rock with for a while!

This album will definitely be in my rotation for the month, but my favorite 3 tracks are:

  1. 5% TINT

Take a few listens yourself and let us know your favorite tracks!

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