‘Better’ by Cassiøpeia Ft. Boi-1da & Killy

Cassiøpeia Releases New Track ‘Better’ Featuring Boi-1da & Killy

17 year old Canadian singer Cassiøpeia, is debuting her first song of 2019, ‘Better’. The talented singer is participating in the CTV show The Launch (season 2), she will be one of the most exciting talents to watch develop. Her new track also features Boi-1da & Killy, really highlighting how versatile the singer is with other musicians.

Cass, displays her vocal talents very well over a Boi-1da production, but the she really nails the chorus as it rings in your head once the song is over. The beat has a clean rhythm with a reoccurring bells allowing this track to bang. Toronto can stand prouder than ever when Killy goes on the track, even though his verse was short it was definitely not small. Displaying word play with his melodic voice, not only does it compliment Cass it elevates this track!

This Canadian artist has the talent to be a global icon, don’t sleep on her!

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