Bree Runway Heats Things Up With New Single ‘HOT HOT’

Summer has come early this year with UK rapper and singer, Bree Runway heating things up with her new single and music video ‘HOT HOT‘ which debuted last week. After breaking the Twittersphere with her last music video “ATM” featuring rap icon Missy Elliott with its sparkling visuals and costume design, fans pointed out that Runway is a star on the rise – quickly making her way towards North America.

Sampling Busta Rhyme’s legendary track ‘Touch It,’ Runway’s new single and video gives steamy choreography, playful visual effects and vivid colors – leaving us thirsting for a Slush Puppie and setting the tone for the upcoming summer season.

The English singer always delivers when it comes to her visuals, stating that she’s the lead when it comes to her music videos. “I’m the head of creative of any Bree Runway ANYTHING, for music videos I collaborate with different directors, whoever can bring my vision to life the best!,” she tweets responding to a fan on the concept work behind her videos.

Sharing the ‘HOT HOT’ dance choreography, Runway ignites the #HOTHOTChallenge by posting her own video on TikTok and Twitter, with fans swiftly jumping on the trend. With ‘HOT HOT’ already at half a million views and counting with a week since its release on YouTube, the Damn Daniel singer is clearly making waves out in the UK and will soon find herself flooded with fans from the North.

What do you think of Bree Runway’s new single? Watch the ‘HOT HOT’ music video above.

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