‘Fingers’ by Zayn

Zayn Breaks Out New Single ‘Fingers’


As we head toward the ending of 2018, Zayn returns yet again to release a new single. ‘Fingers’ is the newest track Zayn has birthed in 2018, it also Zayn’s 5th song of the year. After tracks like ‘Entertainer’ & ‘Too Much’ came out, the fans wanted more from Zayn. The talented singer has been releasing a catalog of songs with non that sound close to the other, it has been said the artist has been looking for his next sound. If he pursued any of these sounds they would sound excellent as he consistently did an outstanding job.

‘Fingers’ is no exception!, Zayn did an amazing job singing this soft and intimate tune! Sensual lyrics can be found through out the whole track, but the interesting part of the song is the vocal melody and production on the beat. Sounding like it will set a new path for R&B, the track also sounds like it has drawn inspiration from R&B in the early 2000’s.

Give this song to any DJ and they will have the whole club on a whole new grind.


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