‘Freaking Me Out’ by Ava Max

Ava Max Is Back With Another Anthem ‘Freaking Me Out’

POP artist Ava Max, continues her momentum climbing the charts with her latest single ‘Freaking Me Out’. Ava holds a unique talent when it comes to POP music, using her worldly voice Ava brings a whole new dynamic to the genre. Her track ‘Sweet but Psycho’ took the genre by storm, giving everybody something new and entertaining to indulge in. Even though her beats are very catchy and exciting, her vocals are what really get you groovin’ to these tunes.

With her latest single, she starts the tune with harmonic vocals over a guitar strum, and leads into a great echo type hook. This tune picks up it’s pace as it goes on and holds a ton of haunting instruments to match the lyrics sang by Ava. She also exercises powerful notes really flexing her vocal talents.

With the amount of talent and power she has in her music, Ava can easily set her self apart every other singer. From song to song you notice her growth as an artist, and you can notice she is honing a new skill in every song. I think an album from her at the right time will flood the airwaves and she will be bullying everyone on the charts. You can catch her performance on Jimmy Kimmel on  Monday August 5th, 2019.

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