‘I Don’t Die’ by Joyner Lucas & Breezy

Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown Exchange Fire In Video For New Single ‘I Don’t Die’

After Dropping ‘Stranger Things‘, Joyner Lucas and Chris Brown release the second track ‘I Don’t Die‘ from their collab ‘Angels & Demons‘.  The dynamic duo scorched this track with their play on words. Joyner & Breezy display an electrifying flow over a dark alley type beat. The hook and the chorus go together like macaroni & cheese.

The video makes this track more entertaining because of the funky personalities Joyner & Chris take on.  Being prisoners who keep eluding death, this video has a lot of humor and a cliche ending you don’t want to miss.

This video is trending in #9 on Youtube – May 03, 2018.


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