‘Light Path 8’ by KILLY

KILLY Illuminates The Air Waves With New Album ‘Light Path 8’

As the rest of the world pays their dues to Toronto and their championship glory, artists from the six and running wild with their releases. Being one of the youngest staples of the city, KILLY also released his project after the NBA Playoffs. His latest album Light Path 8 has 13 tracks with no features, just how we like it!

This project is wavy and is a perfect listen from beginning to end, easily highlighting the growth of KILLY as an artist. ‘Lift Off’ is the track that kicked off this project and rightfully so! Giving you the impression that KILLY is here to send a message to his contemporaries that this is lane, and not to sleep on him. ‘Elixer’ was one of the stand out tracks of this EP, because of the control KILLY holds over his flow. This track leans and bangs all at the same time. ‘Simulation’ was a track that, allows you to take a deeper look at KILLY’s life style and the bigger picture. His love for anime is not surprising to any of his fans and that’s why his track ‘Days’ was bound to involve his mention of Shibuya & anime. To end this project, we’re left off with the track ‘Serenity’, which offers an amazing guitar strum at the beginning before KILLY unleashes his verse. Flexing across the track, this track doesn’t let you lay back at all, catching you off guard, is a saxophone that comes in before KILLY ends the song off.

This project was worth the wait and it really does show how far KILLY has come along. If you were a fan of this album, you must listen to KILLY’s last single, Swag Flu‘.

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