‘Milky Way’ by Bas

Bas Releases New Project ‘Milky Way’

Bas reminds the world how refreshing Queens is with his new album ‘Milky Way‘. Tackling his new album with a unique and original sound this is truly a great moment for Hip-Hop. Bas holds 14 tracks on this album while hosting 7 collaborations with Ari Lennox, J Cole, A$AP Ferg, Correy C, Lion Babe, Moe Moks & mOma+Guy. While Hip-Hop is in the process of changing waves, it is only appropriate that an artist from Queens releases a masterpiece like this.

You won’t skip any songs from this catalog, and you will find yourself going back on certain tracks just to hear certain lyrics or beat transitions. It sounds very pure and very authentic, it also adds another building block to the tower of Dreamville that Cole has been building. Bas sounds great on his own, really displays how great he is at fluctuating his flow and sound. His features are insanely compatible with his style, ‘Boca Raton’ with Ferg & ‘Tribe’ with Cole are my favorite Collabs. ‘Boca Raton’ stands out because you have two New Yorkers flowing with each other ruthlessly showing how far the art of Hip-Hop has come. The way Ferg spits and his infamous ‘HOO HOO HOO’ sets the stage for Bas to hit us with a mellow flow over a street drummer beat and village adlibs! ‘Tribe’ stands out to me because of my personal interpretation, not for what what Bas & Cole were saying. Before I get into that, I have to say that hearing these two flow you would think these two have been a rapping duo forever. They sound so easy to the ear, you’d think they were best friends with the way they compliment each other. The reason this song stands out to me is because my love for Cole, Bas and my love for New York Hip-Hop. The fact Bas is from Queens, the fact that Cole is on of the few modern rappers that has mentioned ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ & the fact that the song is called ‘Tribe’ is what really spoke volumes to me. Just to be clear again, that is what attracted me to the song, I don’t think that is why they named the song ‘Tribe’.

This album is definitely ‘Top 5’ Hip-Hop albums of 2018 and I encourage everyone to give this album a listen. I couldn’t pick my ‘Top 3’ tracks so I had to pick a ‘Top 5’.  I’m not going to lie my 5 picks will probably change as I continue to repeat this album for the next few weeks.

Top 5:

  1. Boca Raton
  2. Sanufa
  3. Tribe
  4. Designer
  5. Barack Obama Special

Make sure you listen to this album, it will humble every Hip-Hop head who has been criticizing the genre recently. Let us know your favorite tracks!

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