‘Not Now’ by Ally Hills


Ally Hills’ new music video for her single ‘Not Now’ is a warm and nostalgic dream

Singer Ally Hills recently dropped the music video to her brand new pop-single titled ‘Not Now’ which was released on September 1st. ‘Not Now’ gives off the fun late 80’s/early 90’s vibes while combining the modern day pop-sound. ‘Not Now” is all about denial and revolves around re-igniting love, with lyrics such as “but what if we restarted, like we weren’t brokenhearted.” With the single’s overall pop 80’s/90’s vibe, the Youtuber also maintains that feeling in her colorful music video for ‘Not Now.’

The Youtuber included warm and retro visuals for the music video, which serves as an all-embracing nostalgic dream that you just don’t want to wake up from. The video starts off with Ally Hills singing in a VHS-type setting, which continues throughout the video, with clips of nature, skies and cities that make you feel like going down memory lane.

The LA-based artist is known for her previous two tracks ‘Space’ and ‘Wrong’ – both embodying a dark-pop sensation. Hills describes her new single as “an upbeat pop jam that distracts listeners from the lyrics of heartbreak and denial with new wave like synths and an energetic bass line to create the painfully hopeful illusion of a love song.” Ally Hills has truly come a long way since starting off from YouTube and has proven that she’s here to stay with her new single and music video for ‘Not Now.’

Watch the new music video for ‘Not Now’ by Ally Hills:

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