‘R.M.B.’ by Kye Russoul

Kye Russoul Drops Newest Single ‘R.M.B’

In 2018 I had the pleasure of interviewing a very talented artist, with an authentic approach to R&B. Kye Russoul impressed me as soon as I heard his vocals, and after his release of tracks like Water Runs Dry & 1993, he presents clear evidence that he continues to grow as an artist. His latest project ‘R.M.B.’ is an absolute scorcher of a tune for all R&B heads, old school and new school alike.

This tune captures your attention right away with the chorus, but it is really highlighted by Kye’s vocals. Sensual lyrics and a laid back melody that carries a deep base and soft acoustic strums, this song is comprised of all the components an R&B track needs. Kye really displays his talents on this track by showcasing his ability of controlling the tone and range in his vocals.

This track adds one more to the list of molten hot tracks from Kye in 2019, giving him more than enough time to release a few more singles and establish 2019 as the year of Kye. It is a perfect tune for those summer nights, and he released it just in time for you to prepare to sing along.

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