Rapper Skip Waiters Escapes Into “The Weekend” With Latest Single

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Riding the momentum from his latest winter release, “Conversations” – Canadian rapper Skip Waiters makes his return in the new year with the drop of his new single “The Weekend” from his forthcoming debut EP, “Compact Disc.

Taking to Instagram, the Toronto native posted a series of personal letters, each addressed to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – Waiters focuses on how each day of the week makes him feel leading up to the weekend. On his latest single, the poetic rapper describes treating the weekend as an escape for those of us stuck with the mundane weekly routines of our lives.

The Weekend is a song about feeling stressed and overwhelmed with daily activities during the week. I’ve been working a 9 to 5 job that does not fulfill me… I’d rather be pursuing my dreams… I’ve been looking forward to the weekend because it’s a form of escape, it’s a time where I can release my frustrations by taking part in activities that make me feel free again even if it’s just for 48 hours,” Waiters shares in a statement to XMPL.

“The Weekend” is produced by Toronto’s own Grammy-nominated producer Lord Quest and his protégé K1 and is the third part from Skip Waiters’ experimental visual series, all which include the same mysterious classic TV box filled with static noise on screen as seen in the videos for Actin’ and Conversations’. With “The Weekend” being the second single to Waiters’ new project, we’re amped to see what the emerging Canadian rapper has in store for his upcoming debut EP, “Compact Disc” – which is said to be released around the end of February.

What do you think of Skip Waiters’ latest single? Stream the “The Weekend” below:

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