‘Scorpion Side B’ (Covers) by Lights

Lights Releases Covers Of ‘Scorpion Side B’

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Drake hit the world by storm when he released his album ‘Scorpion‘. Now we get to see another Canadian talent put her twist on half of the album. Lights who is one of the most impressive alt-POP singers of our generation, did covers to ‘Side B of the album! The singer just came off her release of her album & comic ‘Skin&Earth‘, an album that cements her legacy even further. This covers release is by far my favorite, because I interpret it with different emotions as I did the original. Both great in their own way, I really like how Lights went ahead and recorded this, because it allows me to throw head phones on, get lost in the acoustic and space out.

I truly feel like Lights gives these tracks a more intimate meaning with her powerful voice. After listening to this project I narrowed down my favorite 3 tracks she covered.

TOP 3:

  1. Jaded
  2. Don’t Matter To Me
  3. Summer Games

I hope I get the opportunity to see her perform these tracks live, in the mean time this will be my go to for my summer nights!

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