‘Sweetener’ by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Finally Releases 4th Album ‘Sweetener’

Ariana Grande left us anticipating her new album, when she released her single ‘no tears left to cry‘. ‘Sweetener‘ is finally here as her 4th studio album. Her second release before the album ‘God is a woman’ really added fuel to the fire, making us expect a bumpin’ album. This 15 track project has 3 legendary features in Pharrell, Nicki Minaj & Missy Elliot. With every feature giving an above par performance, this sets the stage for Ariana to flame all her individual tracks.

With a ton of diverse tracks Ariana hands us a very banging album filled with intimate songs and party tracks. Ariana displays how powerful her voice is and touches on some of her real life situations. Some of these tracks show us how she feels and paint stories for us to listen along to. A stand out example is her track ‘pete davidson’, obviously made for her boo… Pete Davidson.

4 albums and the amazing singer only seems to be growing more & more powerful. Ariana did not disappoint one bit on this project, you can keep expecting to hear her at every club and every radio wave. I personally found it easy to decide my favorite 3 tracks on this album, that is the closest thing i have to criticism on this album.

Top 3:

  1. no tears left to cry
  2. borderline
  3. blazed

Enjoy these tracks, they will most likely make it to you playlists!


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