‘The Wave’ by R3HAB

R3HAB Drops New Album ‘The Wave’

R3HAB blew us away with his tracks ‘Hold On Tight‘, ‘How You’ve Been‘ & ‘Radio Silence‘, wanting more we finally got what what we’ve been asking for! The Dutch DJ/producer dropped his new album ‘The Wave’. R3HAB blesses us with 16 tracks in this catalog & hosts 16 features across 13 tracks. The guest appearances are Lia Marie Johnson, Jocelyn Alice, Conor Maynard, Quinn Lewis, Krewella, Sofia Carson, Waysons, Kaela Sinclair, THRDL!FE, Olivia Holt, Noah Neiman, Miranda Glory, Sakima, Fabina Mazur, Lourdiz & Mike Williams. Naming this project ‘The Wave’ was very fitting due to the range of sounds and feelings across this master piece.

You can easily find yourself dancing to a track like ‘Wrong Move’, the you can find yourself being up lifted by tracks like ‘Radio Silence’. All 16 tracks are great for festivals if a DJ knows how to mix them properly, what caught my attention were those tracks you can get lost in. ‘Cherry Blossom’ & ‘Belle’ were the main two that allowed me to tap into my thoughts, no lyrics just melodies that touch your mind. The production is excellent on every track, whether or not there was a vocalist on a track or not R3HAB wasn’t afraid to throw some raw gut punching drops. ‘Ain’t That Way’ captures Krewella really well and starts off letting you think the track will be mellow, but when the first drop hits your mind will temporarily reach another stratosphere.

I usually don’t like too many features on an artists album, unless they are a DJ or an established artist. R3HAB is both and definitely is in my Top 10 list of DJ’s his live shows are another level of talent. Picking my Top 3 was a challenge and definitely took a few listens.

TOP 3:

  1. Radio Silence
  2. Wrong Move
  3. Eyes Closed

This is a great album with a ton of playlist worthy tracks, give it a listen and tell us what your vibe is!

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