‘Things I’ve Learned’ by BRKLYN & Fairlane With Jocelyn Alice

BRKLYN & Fairlane Team Up On New Single ‘Thing’s I’ve Learned’ With Jocelyn Alice

BRKLYN & Fairlane collaborated on a new single ‘Thing’s I’ve Learned‘, with Jocelyn Alice leading the vocals on this scorcher. Very well executed this track really captures a variety of feelings and atmospheres. Giving this track a thorough listen you will find it fitting for any mood, whether it’s a pick me up or even a track to lay back and space out to. With endless boundaries, all 3 parties put forth a spectacular effort in giving us a track worthy of that repeat button.

BRKLYN & Fairlane do a fantastic job laying down a beat that displays a wide range of tempos. With an acoustic and a very light knock starting the song off, it’s almost surreal. The build up goes to a very mid ranged mellow vibe before the drop, that is lead by an electric guitar and complimented with gut wrenching sound effects! Jocelyn Alice put’s the song over the edge as she gives us lyrics, about overcoming pain that has tortured us in the past and also touches on self progression. What’s most impressive is her vocal range, being able to match every wave the beat layout throws her way!

This track would be killer at a show, especially if the vocals were done live. I really enjoyed this collaboration and can’t wait to see what all 3 parties have up their sleeves in the future!



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