‘Travel’ by KingJet

Get Lost With KingJet On Latest EP, ‘Travel’

I’ve been blessed of being put on to KingJet, thanks to Issa & AK. Listening to his latest single Dreams with Party Favor, I quickly found myself following the artist and going through his catalog. Swiftly stumbling on his latest EP ‘Travel’, I noticed a had the album on repeat, shortly singing along track for track. This EP holds 6 solo tracks and gives you a closer look of how talented KingJet is.

I kicked this EP off on shuffle landing on my favorite track of this project, ‘Zone’. Holding great vocals and easily to sing along too, watching him perform it on ip sessions made it even better. His comfort performing it was captivating and easy to space out too. ‘Dead Bodies’ hit my headphones next and lyrically King flexes his flow along with a catchy chorus over a mellow beat. Caught off guard, the guitar of ‘Ghost’ hooked me in as he brought back the vocals singing about not getting ghosted. This track was one repeat before continuing with the EP and it is insanely relatable. Changing the vibe, ‘Tan Lines’ came on with a haunting vibe, with a kickin’ beat and raspy voice, Jet went in with a lot of soul. ‘Tell Me’ was a slower beat with heavier lyrics, seeming kind of lost in his own emotions this track is perfect for those late night vibes. The last tune I listened to was actually the first song of the project. Stunned, thinking I hear “DBZ” & “Bulma & Chi Chi”, I looked down to see the track was named ‘Bulma & Chi Chi”. As fan of Dragon Ball Z I approve of this banger, only a minute and twenty seven seconds, King snapped creating waves on this tune. Smooth Flow & a wild chorus, you can’t ask for more.

I felt this EP heavy, I can’t wait to keep discovering his old music and looking forward to his future projects.

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