‘Warning Signs’ by Nyck Caution

Nyck Caution Takes Hazardous Flow To New Single ‘Warning Signs’

Unquestionably one of my favorite young artists to come up in NY, Nyck Caution has mind blowing lyrical content and a lethal flow. Whether it is free styling on Sway In The Morning, Nyck @ Knight or even next to his Beast Coast family, Nyck is always a top tier lyricist and will always catch you off guard. His new single ‘Warning Signs’ is further evidence of his talents.

Finally after hearing him on Escape From New York, I was anticipating something solo to drop. Heavily influenced by wrestling, Caution breaks the walls down, to kick start this tune. A menacing beat where you can hear Caution take an acidic flow with a slower pace. Changing his flow through out the track, he continues to send a warning to his contemporaries with witty rhymes and an untouchable technique.

I am absolutely gassed up to see him come to Toronto during the Escape From New York Tour.

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