Watch Dogs Vibe & Raiden Eyes Are Just Some Of The Highlights In KSI’s Latest Video

Teaming up with Aiyana-Lee on their track ‘Killa Killa’, KSI releases the official music video. This exciting single is off of KSI’s debut album, ‘Dissimulation’. The album is leading the charts as the biggest debut album of 2020.

This single featuring Aiyana is no different, the niece of David Ruffin shines brightly in this collaboration. The combination of her stunning vocals and KSI’s rugged bars, are sure to turn up your heart rate. The song is uptempo and has and extremely addictive chorus.

The video shines in it’s own way. Putting together a heist, KSI delivered with his outfits, sense of humor and charisma. His partner in crime Aiyana matched the aesthetic and collaborated on the heist as she flexed her skills as a hacker.

If you enjoyed this track, you don’t want to pass up the opportunity of listening to the rest of the album.

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