‘ZUU’ by Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry Put’s Florida On His Back In New Album ‘ZUU’

Back on his new album, Denzel Curry snaps on ‘ZUU’. Proving himself as one of the heavy hitters in today’s HipHop climate, this album is better than what we could have expected. 12 tracks with Curry’s surging energy, this project hosts 6 features. Kiddo MarvRick RossTay Keith, Ice Billion BergSam SneakPlayThatBoiZay.

Reppin’ Miami and allowing South Florida to shine, Denzel starts off this project with a 3 punch K.O. with tracks like ‘ZUU’, ‘RICKY’, & ‘WISH’. Slowing down the flow but hoosting a new vibe, his track ‘AUTOMATIC’ with Tay Keith was a slatt on this project. ‘YOO’ is a recording with sub meaning to Curry and Miami. His track ‘SHAKE 88’ was the most surprising track on this project. It displayed that he can have a club hit, but he made it his own with a grimy wrecking sound. This project ends with ‘P.A.T’ which gives us that loud destructive Denzel sound we love.

This whole album is a slap, with Denzel coming to claim territory with this album. Bullying his way above his contemporaries, it looks like the future is bright for this young artist. Super Sayian Curry.

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