‘In My Bag’ by Quellsz

Quellsz Debuts First Single, ‘In My Bag’ Prod. By DJ. KyDD

Quellsz finally released his first single, ‘In My Bag’. This track was produced by DJ KyDD and became a black top for Quellsz to run through. Making sure the track gets as much momentum as possible, it was backed by two features in Yung Lowz & Lum Lum.

The chemistry between Lowz & KyDD from M.A.D carries over well in this track, adding that artist & producer dynamic with Quellsz really paints a family dynamic. As young as Lum Lum is he continued to impress on this track, giving listeners a different taste on this tune.

I’ve talked Hip-Hop with Quellsz in the past and wondered when will his music be released. After finally listening to this tune, it took me back to our Hip-Hop conversation and who our influences were. Seeing he potential of his craft and the artists willing to collab on a debut track, it made me want to know more about this project. Quellsz opened up about the creation of this track and how everything came together.

“In my bag case when I was in a really dark place in my life . DJ KyDD could tell where my head was and told me come to the studio while he worked on some stuff . He started making the beat for the song as I went over old verses I had previously written. He had Lum Lum write a hook and lay it down as I still went over old stuff and one stood out! I laid down the first verse and KyDD accidentally put it on the same track as Lum Lum’s which had auto tune and it sounded dope so we left you a verse with auto tune which was my very first time doing it and the rest was history!” – Quellsz

Quellsz stepped up when he released this tune, and with the odd year we’ve been having there are many topics for him to touch on and show how versatile he can be. It also opens up a path to growth as a creator that Quellsz can walk across.

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