‘Goku Black’ Spray Paint

One of Goku’s Recent Foes Is Brought To Life With Spray Paint

Goku Black is one of the more memorable adversaries Goku and friends have faced in recent years. Propelling the Dragonball brand further, this fan favorite is brought to a new life by Porfirio Jimenez Art. This talented YouTuber puts a unique style to the Dragonball character, all while teaching you how to make this dynamic art piece.

Wielding fire & spray paint, Porfirio goes in with custom stencils and patience that allows this piece to really glow. The final portrait has Goku Black standing with his smirk, with a outer space backdrop behind him. His channel is super cool to subscribe to because he touches on anime characters we are all familiar with and also caters to everyone else with different themed pieces.

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