Bashir Sultani – SpongeBob (Salt Art)

Bashir Sultani Takes Salt Art To A New Level With SpongeBob Master Piece.

Salt art has been a cultural phenomenon, seeing many artists take to Instagram & Youtube with time lapse videos, we continue to be amazed. The patience it must take and the steady hands to lining up every grain of salt must be nearly impossible to master. With few recognized artists who specialize in salt art, Bashir Sultani is one of my favorite artist to watch.

With his detailed murals I find my self with my jaw on the floor, but the part that really stands out is his ability to make something cartoonish or extremely realistic. The SpongeBob piece is one of my favorites, not just because I’m a fan of the show, but the amount of colours used to make this piece. The details on this project were extremely on point and made me compare it to the actual cartoon.

With Bashir’s videos being so short, you can watch multiple time lapses and indulge in years of his work. Growing before our eyes, his mural of Patrick the star ties into this piece perfectly.

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