NBA Smart Jersey?

Adam Silver Reveals Futuristic NBA Jersey.

Between all of the chaos and hype around the NBA All Star Weekend, we tuned in to see how exciting of a host Charlotte, NC was going to be. Adam Silver was ready to capture the lime light even before the celebrity game could impress us. Giving us one of the biggest culture shocks of 2019, the commissioner displayed a smart tech jersey at a technology summit to kick start the weekend.

The NBA has always been at the front foot of evolving as a brand, even when it comes to dealing with their player relations. Heavily involved in breaking barriers on any front and elevating their brand, Adam Silver showed us a jersey with power at the owners finger tips. The NBA jerseys allows you the options of editing the name and number on your jersey. Adam showed us a jersey that went from Kemba Walker  to Steph Curry and then to Michael Jordan, all done through an app on the commissioners phone. These jerseys won’t be available any time soon, the demo was just a prototype.

I’m personally stunned and unsure about how I feel about this, on one hand it is cool because it allows you to switch players on a team you support, especially after a trade (*COUGH* KRYSTAPS *COUGH*). My only concern is if the app allows you to change the teams on the jersey. It would be cool if you go to different games, but if that feature is available I feel like the league would make a similar pattern of jerseys for every team, with only the logos and name being different. I might sound like an old timer, but the colors of team jerseys are celebrated by their diversity and gives the fans a connection to a team.

Even though I have a concern of the game being more robotic and less diverse, I salute the NBA for trying to innovate and can’t judge this project till we see the end result!

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