Interdimensional Cable Hoodie – Daylight Curfew x Rick and Morty

You Will Only Have 24 Hours To Cop The New Interdimensional Cable Hoodie.

All Pictures belong to Daylight Curfew.

Entertainment took an out of this world experience since the release of Rick and Morty. The cult favorite animated series has had many POP culture and modern references through out the show, but their connection to it’s fans is second to none when it comes to day to day life. Teaming up with Daylight Curfew many times, like their Run The Jewels collab, the two brands are back at it again with another release to their Daylight Curfew x Rick and Morty collection.

Releasing a hoodie with the custom colored inside referencing Interdimensional Cable, from this hit TV show. there will also be a Wubba Lubba Dub Dub label to finish off this hoodie.

The release of this hoodie will be on July 19th and will no be re released or restocked. The sweater will be on the shelf for 24 HOURS ONLY!! Click Here for early access to buy this product!

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