‘Gear-Up’ The North.

I used to always catch myself trying to cop the newest sneakers and clothes via websites like Nike & adidas, however, like many, the experience for trying to land hot items is highly unlikely in Canada. It feels like the North gets slept on by these big brands, even though Canada continues to impress the rest of the world, from tourists to hosting some of the most exciting sporting events. Don’t believe me? Ask all of the NBA players who hosted the hottest All-Star weekend of the century… 😉

Before I drift off topic, let me track back to the challenges Canadians face in trying to cop the hottest gear. Like many others, I’ve stayed up on the big websites just to lose out to a bot. I’ve also watched releases I’ve waited months for not show up on the Canadian sites. I must admit I do enjoy crossing the border from time to time just to pick up hot releases, but realistically it’s not an ideal situation.

Canada has one of the best urban fashion cultures, and luckily for us we have a few retailers that recognize this! In this article I am going to list a few of my favorite stores/websites to purchase from!



With 3 Locations in Canada out of Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto, LIVESTOCK is one of the best places to get gear from. If you have the chance to visit any of these cities, this store is a must stop shop location. If you do your shopping online their website is easy to navigate and is always current with releases. The beauty of this store is it caters to sneaker heads but doesn’t have a shortage of apparel. Catering to both men and women, you can get the releases you anticipate the most.


NRML is my favorite Canadian retailer, and they have received their well deserved shout-outs on some Sneaker Buddha videos before. Consistently satisfying their customers, this Ottawa based shop carries the latest apparel and sneakers. Their shipments are very prompt and efficient with some luxurious packaging as a bonus. Aside from being one of the best online retailers, this store is one of the most appealing establishments to shop at. NRML Femme caters to women, going above and beyond for everyone in the culture.


SOLESTOP is one of the biggest heavy hitters in the sneaker game, they are one of the safest bets on landing kicks. This store has luxury sneakers, casual sneakers and even rare drops! Their wide variety of sneakers is very well complemented by their apparel selection. This is my favorite location to purchase UNDEFEATED sweaters. This shop is making a ton of noise online & in store. Located in Unionville, Ontario, SOLESTOP have cemented their name as one of the top retailers in Canada.












There you have it, 3 retailers that will improve your whole ensemble! These are just 3 of my favorite locations in Canada, I will share more with you in the future. Make sure you let us know where you like to cop your gear from, and also give us a shout if this helped you!

As always….

Buddha Out!

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