SWATCH & BAPE Collaborate On A Series Of Watches

BAPE has become synonymous with street wear and urban culture, also highly recognized for their out of this world collaborations. The brand doesn’t limit their horizons with just sneaker collaborations or street wear brands, but the brand demands quality even when dealing with accessories.

What is a better accessory than a watch? Even with cell phones displaying the time, watches are still as relevant as ever. A tells a story of it’s wielder and show’s how well they maintain their belongings. The Swiss brand has been highly touted with their quality and affordable watches. This is why this collaboration with SWATCH is something we can all gain from. The brand has always been proud of their skilled manufacturing of watches, whether it’s their advanced technologies or slick and modern designs.

Both of these brands being highly respected in their fields, they have decided to release 6 different watch designs. With the watches catering to certain city time zones, the calendar also comes in multiple languages to please the host. These watches are extremely limited and are available for retail right now. However the release date on the Canadian website has not been announced yet.

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