‘Capsule n°5’ by Mosaert Fabrique

Unique New Line By Mosaert Fabrique

As we journey towards the summer, Mosaert Fabrique presents their ‘Capsule n°5‘ collection. The Belgian brand has put out a tasteful line of shirts, shorts, socks, wallpapers, towels and even novelty items. Clearly inspired by ‘Art Deco’ and ‘Art Nouveau’. Allowing us to look back at the art scene and architecture of Paris prior to WWI, the collection’s vintage feel has paid homage to history. Blending the past with today’s market was done very well. The eye catching shirts match the rest of the style including the towels and socks. Mosaert Fabrique has done a great job allowing their products to compliment eachother.

Capsule n°5‘ is the brands biggest release, elevating Mosaert Fabrique to a new plateau when the ‘Capsule n°5‘ took the run way in Paris at the ‘Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche‘ fashion show. Mosaert Fabrique flexed their superior taste by collaborating with Stromae. The ‘Capsule n°5‘ collection was shown in the song ‘Défiler‘  by Stromae. The video displays a 9 minute fashion show, highlighting that the brand is made to suite any individual. Releasing this music collaboration allows us to see how that the brand is willing to cater to their audience through their preferred platform.

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