Clifton Club ‘1404’ – Baume & Mercier (LE)

Baume & Mercier Retail Limited Edition Watch Honoring Burt Munro



A watch is more than a clock for your wrist, it is a statement defining you character, elegance and diversity as a man. Baume & Mercier has been one of the divine leaders of style & innovation. Their new take on the ‘Clifton Club Collection.‘ is beyond beautiful, designing the 1404 watch was taking the wrist game to another level. The watch is known as the ‘Indian Burt Munro Tribute’, referencing the Indian motorcycle and the speedy Burt Munro.


Burt Munro purchased his first Indian motorbike in 1920, the bike was only able to achieve a 55 mph speed. Working on the bike for 55 years the 68 year old legend, set the speed record at 183.59 mph. The 1000cc record was to be found inaccurate later on by his John, the actual speed was 184.087 mph. The record stands till this day, allowing Baume & Mercier to honor this speed legend.

This watch is a limited edition self-winding chronograph watch, with many details honoring the legend and the Indian Motorcycle. The first recognizable feature is Burt’s lucky yellow number 35 on the front of the watch, flip it over you will see the Indian Motorcycle logo on the back. There is also a 44mm tachymeter on the watch with the number 184 highlighted.  The watch is waterproof at about 5m and is held by a calf skin belt. There is also a date function, and the watch has a polish finish.

This watch is a Limited Edition piece, it is limited to 1967 pieces honoring the year the record was set.

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