Mitchell & Ness – NBA ‘Trucker Hats’

Mitchel & Ness Nostalgia Co. Release New Series Of NBA Trucker Hats

Starting off as a sporting good store, Mitchell & Ness evolved into a fan favorite nostalgic clothing shop. Always on the fore front of bringing back retro moments with in their designs, this Philly store has captured the hearts of sports fan around the world. Reasonably priced and also in stores around like NRML, the company shows their relevancy in today’s market. With the retro waves coming back, what better accessory do you need than a trucker hat to compliment your fit?

Giving a look to fans from 7 different teams, this snazzy look is very fitting to show your support to a franchise. The teams getting the hats are the Pelicans, Celtics, Rockets, Sixers, Horneys & The Lakers. The Sixers get two different colors, but the design on the hats are all the same. Highlighting the nickname or reference to the city, with the team name underneath, for example the Sixers got “City of Brotherly Love” & Chi-Town got “Windy City” etc.

These hats are available for purchase and retail at $32.00 USD.

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