Why Charlez360 Is My Favorite Youtuber!

“Where words leave off, the music begins”

On a daily basis I have my headphones on whether I’m getting lost in my work, or spacing out in my train of thoughts. I like a variety of music old, new, hip hop, rock my taste ranges through every spectrum. Today I realized I always find myself listening to an individual on Youtube by the name of ‘Charlez360’.  This artist does many covers of modern day songs but with a vintage twist. Playing the Alto Sax i find myself getting lost in all of his covers. He also produces his own songs. Definitely one of the most versatile artists I’ve heard.

Charlez can sing, strum a guitar but the SAX man…. The sax is mind blowing.

For example… everyone and their mother is sick and tired of hearing ‘Starboy’ on the radio. Charlez has a cover of it that’ll blow your mind. Somewhere between jazz and feels these covers are like the emotional roller coasters we all need.

Let your mind escape with the music.

Charlez360, I salute you!



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