Devil May Cry 5 – PS4, Xbox One

Dante & Nero Return In Devil May Cry 5

CAPCOM favorite, the Devil May Cry series is back with number 5. Our beloved demons Dante & Nero have returned with the same heavy metal intensity. Action packed, this game will continue to host the same bloody fast paced violence it has been recognized for. Everything from sword swinging, gun slinging and demon shattering transformations, this game will be the first of the series to release on the current generation platforms. Xbox one & PS4 players can finally get excited to see where the series is going.

Devil May cry is a very linear game, with an immense amount of violence and difficulty. It has always been fast paced and had a few characters to play as. Dante & Nero are the main characters, however they are back with a fully loaded squad in this game. The new characters that will be joining this journey are V, Trish, Lady & Nico. V is a main fighter who happens to have similar powers to Dante and Nero. Trish was once an enemy of Dante, but after saving her she seems to have joined their team. Lady is another demon hunter here to aid Dante. Finally Nico is the one who makes the weapons for the fighters, she was brought to the team through Nero.

This game will be releasing on March 8, 2019, it is available for pre-order. There will be a deluxe edition priced at 149.99

(All photos have been taken from Devil May Cry 5)

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