‘Kingdom Hearts’ 3 PS4 & Xbox One

Finally Sora Returns With His Friends In Kindom Hearts 3.

January 25, 2019 we can finally breath a sign of relief as Sora returns in Kingdom Hearts 3. Square Enix took the world by surprise as they made a game that is interactive with the world of Disney. Playing as Sora you are joined by Goofy & Donald Duck as you try to save your friends. As heroes you wield the key blade and are heavily aided by Mickey Mouse.

If you haven’t played this series, luckily the game has been remade twice in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 & Kingdom Hearts 2.8. Make sure to pick up your copy to dive into this amazing world of action. Once you start playing you will surely indulge into this series and anticipate Kingdom Hearts 3. This story used to be a Playstation exclusive but is now available to Xbox One users.

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