FORTNITE Made Me A Hypeboy!

I tried to fight it….

Fortnite has made itself a household name in today’s day and age, I personally tried to avoid the game for the longest time. The cartoon-ish look of the game deterred me. My addiction to 2K & FIFA definitely didn’t help the reasons to play Fortnite. Being a grumpy old man I decided to keep in my shell and avoid Fortnite.

Not knowing what I was missing out on, the least magical miracle happened. As I gave Bobby Portis the sweetest dime on a breakaway with 3 seconds left on the clock, I watched him air ball an open shot before the playoffs. Losing the game by 1 point I closed NBA 2k18, deciding that it was no longer good for my heart. I scrolled through the Playstation store I was invited to a party where my friends convinced me we should play Fortnite.

Getting killed by professionals continuously, has never been so fun! As I struggle to learn the tactics, a part of me was kicking it’s self for not playing this game earlier.  Sharing laughs with friends this is the perfect game to smoke a joint and chill on. As I am probably the last person on this planet to play the game, I highly recommend everybody to indulge into the hype.

It’s Finally okay to be a ‘HypeBoy.’


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