Disney Drops New Official Teaser Trailer For Mulan

Disney Adds Mulan As The Latest Live Action Remake

One of the most barrier-breaking Disney hero’s of all time, Mulan is getting her own live-action rendition. The beloved character who pretended to be a man, in order to take her father’s place in the Chinese military, might just be the most badass Disney character. Being a woman, she was deemed “unqualified” to serve in the military during that regime, but as we all know she was the defining force in that movie as she took out Shan Yu and saved the emperor.

Mulan will be played by Yifei Liu, on this crazy adventure with Donnie Yen as Commander Tung. As the two lead the story, they unfortunately will not be joined by fan favorite Mushu. Not adding the beloved dragon makes sense to make the movie more realistic, how ever it takes away from the humor that we loved growing up. The musical numbers in the movie will not be performed either but their instrumental versions will be played at the appropriate time.

Though I am upset about Mushu, I am excited for this movie to be released in march 2020. Especially with actors like Jet Li & Jason Scott Lee portraying the emperor and Shan Yu (Bori Khan). All in all Disney is on another level.

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