FAR CRY: New Dawn – PS4, Xbox One, PC

FAR CRY: New Dawn Is the Newest Chapter For Franchise.

Ubisoft has been highly consistent with their FAR CRY series, releasing a new chapter almost every year. Starting off with Far Cry 1 & 2 ,the brand caught a handful of eyes, but it was Far Cry 3 that really turned heads. Releasing on the PS3 and Xbox360 platforms, the game was one of the more superior action-adventure games for the consoles. When the era of PS4 & Xbox One began, FAR CRY 4 cemented the legacy of the series. Since then, we’ve seen FAR CRY: PRIMAL & FAR CRY 5, and 2019 gives way to another milestone for Ubisoft as they release FAR CRY: New Dawn.

The FAR CRY series is played as an FPS, with a story and a sandbox layout. The world in ‘New Dawn’ is in a post-nuclear war state, but in the midst of a resurrection. As society is being rebuilt and the decreased population evolves, you get to see the dramatic changes of the planet. Animals have also decreased in population and have evolved to a new extent as well. From what we’ve seen so far, the game has displayed a group of rebels, with leaders that look like they are twin sisters, as the main antagonists of the game. As you see the destruction of hope in the new world, you also get to see the amount of expansive gameplay that you will have to overcome. Everything from new vehicles to unorthodox weaponry, my favorite part was being able to use animals as an allied force!

This game will be available on February 15, 2019. Pre-orders are available along with a newsletter to keep you updated on the game.

[All Images Taken From Ubisoft]

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