Sonic Trailer

Taking A Look At The New Sonic Trailer

With much excitement and skepticism, Paramount finally dropped their debut trailer of Sonic. Our favorite hedgehog is finally going onto the big screen and the trailer looks great! … and awkward? Sonic has a very creepy look to him, which might just be too realistic. Personally I find it easy to look past that, I actually liked the trailer and will be watching the movie.

That being said, I’m slightly confused on the use of rings and what their powers are in the movie. Dr. Robotnik looks “EGGSELANT” and Jim Carrey definitely feels well suited for the roll. However I felt like the trailer made it more about Robotnik opposed to Sonic. It’s clear Sonic is from a different planet, but you don’t get any hint of Tails or Amy, maybe that is going to be a cameo for the sequel? My main issue is, SONIC DODGED ROCKETS BUT GOT HIT BY A DART!!!!!!

Moving past that, the movie looks very action packed with vehicles, weapons and fast paced combat. Sonics ball roll was awesome and the blue lightning CGI looked very well done, this movie also has a great stage to take on a comedic approach to the story. It was also announced they will be fixing the look of Sonic.

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