Borderlands 3 – PS4, XB1, PC

Borderlands Is Back Bigger Than Ever!

2K has allowed Borderland 3 to revive the series with a brand new story and kick ass features! The comic looking adventure game is badder than ever with over a billion guns, crazy explosives, cartoon violence and a multiplayer co-op second to none! The series has always had it’s fair share of die hard fans, but it was also very captivating to casual gamer’s. This time around the game looks like it has expanded maps and worlds for you to explore and new super powers looking like special moves.

The game will have 4 new vault hunters, that you can play as, FL4K, Amara, Moze & Zane. The game also features two new villains, unfortunately there is not much info on the villains. With out knowing their names you can still notice them causing mayhem in the trailer. The story of the game looks like it drifts away from the previous games.

The single player mode of the game is also said to be very interactive and has different stimulants compared to the multiplayer. The multi player will allow cross play, split screen & Co-Op.

The game will be releasing on September 13, 2019, it is available for Pre-Order with 4 different editions – Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe & Collectors.

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