Toy Story 4 Trailers

Toy Story 4 Releases Second Trailer Before The Movie Hit’s Theaters.

Fan favorite, Toy Story 4 is back in theaters on June 21, 2019. Bringing back some of Pixars most memorable characters like Woody, Buzz & the rest of the original gang. This time around there are a bunch of new friends, but the biggest change is this story isn’t based off of Andy’s toy collection.

From both trailers released, you can see this adventure knows bounds, as the toy’s go through many diverse locations in their adventure. The family is on the road and brought the toys with them. Woody’s bravery is called on once again as they try to save a new toy called Sproky. With a Canadian stuntman and plush babies on the team, they still have to look out for villainous cats….and urinals….

Pixar continues to build on their legacy amid the chain of Disney releases, but the cool part is they never abandoned the nostalgia of their stories.

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