Dr.STONE (Anime)

New Dr.STONE Anime Releasing In July 2019

Based of the Japanese manga written by Riichiro Inagaki, the world of anime will be receiving a brand new series to indulge in. With characters created by Biochi, this series has many characters to fully get lost in such as Senkuu, Shishiou, Ogawa & Ookie.

With out spoiling too much, this story focuses on a flash that seems to have wiped out the world and a millenia later, a teenager awakens. Finding himself surrounded in a world flooded with stone statues, he quickly realizes this is what happened to humanity. Have no fear, for he is not alone, and with his science-loving friends they quickly try to conjure up remedies and take on a whole world of adventure.

This anime is definitely worth a shot, because of the phenomenal art work and voice actors such as Yuusuke Kobayashi  & Yuuichi Nakamura.

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