‘The After Party’ Netflix Original

Netflix Releases New Movie ‘The After Party”

Netflix has collaborated with World Star HipHop in creating a new movie, about the journey of a kid chasing his dream to be the next big rapper. This movie starring Harrison Holzer (Jeff) and his best friend Kyle (Owen), was a very enjoyable movie to watch. The Netflix film has everything from humor, drama and excitement.

Jeff manages his best friend Owen and they go through highs and lows trying to secure a record deal. Painting a pretty vivid picture of how social media can create waves of hype or bury you with in 6 feet of shade. Facing issues in his career, Owen focuses on his relationship with Shelly Hennig (Alicia). Jeff continues the dream of getting his friend signed he builds relationships with Jordan Rock (Bernard) who is the unpaid intern to Stephen Rider (Rahmel). Rahmel is the big dog in the movie, he is the ghost they are chasing.

With out spoiling the movie the adventure is really brought to life with interactions with icons like Jadakiss (Train Conductor) who spits ‘Eric B. Is President’ as he talks about Rakim, the best example was Teyana Taylor (Bl’asia). She really brought the movie to life and had a very deep interaction with Jeff. It also had stars like DMX, French Montana, Wiz Khalifa, Desiigner, DJ Khaled and many more as themselves.

My favorite part of the movie is how they incorporated POP culture and fashion trends subliminally into the story. You see Owen rocking the Jordan 1 ‘Shattered Backboards’ and Jeff has the most hype fashion choices. References to Migos & Kanye were also very enjoyable! This piece which was very far fetched at times really will have you wanting to chase your dreams no matter what they are.

Topping off the whole experience the movies soundtrack is FLAME, Make sure to check it out below!

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