Gears 5 – Xbox One & PC

Fan Favorite Exclusive Gears Of War Is Back With A New Look

Microsofts gaming core can start jumping for joy as they get ready for the release of Gears 5. The iconic third person shooter will continue to push the limits of action packed warfare with immense carnage. Developed by The Coalition, the game will continue to run though the Unreal Engine keeping the game familiar to their fan base. This game is also very inviting to new comers in regards of game play and story, but the significant change in the game is the name. Gears 5 is the new name opposed to the original name of the series Gears Of War, however the story picks up right where it left off!

Kate will be the protagonist through out this game, and she looks extremely bad ass! From the footage we’ve seen her story is filled with emotions, violence and deception. Another thing to look forward to is the open world aspect of the game, despite being fairly confined in the past the game will be expanding it’s borders throughout game. Another feature you can see by first glance is the new color pallet the game overs you besides the dark shadows and ruins we’re used to. A lot of the enemies are looking extremely more developed along with your artillery, this game will clearly continue to be a cult favorite for online gaming.

The game is set to release in 2019 however there are no official release dates.

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